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A Simple Technique To Improve Mobile App Development

A Simple Technique To Improve Mobile App Development
November 5, 2019 / by Onika Chauhan in Technology

Mobile apps are something to come across daily, either for social networking, gaming or e-commerce purposes. All of these apps, when built professionally, undergo a similar app development process: idea, strategy, design, development and deployment.
Jumping out of this mundane development process discussion, how about discussing techniques to improvise? There can be multiple techniques to help you develop and on-board the app, but let us try to focuson the most important ones here:

All the apps are unique, yet identical

Contradictory!But true.
All the apps of the same niche have some common features, though the interface varies at the whims of developers.For instance, every e-commerce app will have a segmentation for their featured product, a cart, favourites, or wishlist; every game will have a bonus, user control, rewards or points. But, the namesand the interaction level with the user of the app is different and unique for each mobile app.

Whenever a user fires up a new mobile app, he expects to navigate all the features and functions pretty easily. This expectation is the soft spot to target. The app should be very ‘intuitive’and user interface very‘familiar’, despite the naivety of the user.

1. Atour of the app can be very useful to achieve this familiarity. Focus on the value of the product being offered instead of explaining the cool features of your app at once. The interface of the app can directly communicate its value or may be a tutorial can be helpful. Keep it optional because many tech-savvy users do not want hindrance in their personal usage of the app.
2. Mine the data set available in the market. For instance, you might be developing an app in an existing niche. Research on the review of apps from both users’ and journalists’ point of view. It will give you an insight about the competitors and place some strong concept ideas while developing the app. You can also read about the feedback of various features of the apps to learn about users’ expectations and preferences.

Gaining more new users and retaining the existing users, must be the two main objectives to keep in mind while developing. A simple sign up process, a responsive and iterative design, consistent updates and many more are expected by the user while downloading a mobile app. By providing solid information and keeping an eye on trends, you can build an app with distinct features and ease of use. Keep it new but do not wade it off from what users know.


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